S S Woven Wire Mesh
S S Woven Wire Mesh

S S Woven Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh is made of Grade SUS 304, Grade SUS 316 wire. Stainles Steel wire mesh with acid-resisting, corrosion resistance is used in mining, chemical industry and fool.

S S Woven Wire Mesh

Woven wire mesh is woven to size in the same way cloth is woven on a loom. Wire mesh is woven in a variety of different ways. Common methods include plain weave construction, which is a one over, one under weave, intermediate crimp (commonly known as inter crimp) in which both the warp & shute wires are pre-crimped prior weaving, in which the wires are crimped at the intersections. 

The Woven wire types :Plain Weave/Double Crimp Woven Wire

Plain-Double-crimped-types.jpgStainless Steel woven wire Screen .jpg

This is the most common type of woven wire. It is used where the opening is relatively small in comparison to the wire diameter
Common materials used to create woven wire mesh include:
Stainless Steel  Wire 304
Stainless Steel Wire  304L
Stainless Steel Wire  316
Stainless Steel Wire  316L

Stainless wire mesh is especially useful because it is extremely chemical resistant, works with hot or cold liquids, and is easily cleaned.Carbon steel  are strong, economical, and readily available. Other exotic materials such as copper and nickel can also be woven into wire mesh.

Glory Wire mesh Flat Top Woven Wire Mesh 

Features of Woven Wire Mesh
Solid construction
Extremely versatile
Easy to install
Can have low resistance to wind loads
Easily cut to fit
Available in many materials, such as stainless steel and Brass
Since our woven wire mesh is extremely versatile and easy to install, they can be used in a variety of applications. From fencing to machine guarding, Glory Wire mesh has the woven wire mesh for your 


Woven wire mesh baskets
Woven wire mesh architectural grilles
Woven wire mesh display shelves and stands
Woven wire mesh racks
Woven wire mesh liquid filtration
Woven wire mesh air filtration
Woven wire mesh cultivation and breed
Woven wire mesh handrail panel inserts
Heavier woven wires must be pre-crimped. The material remains stable and rigid after the crimping process. Pre-crimped woven wire mesh is ideal for both industrial & architectural applications Screening or sieving in mine, glass factory,coal factory, construction, petroleum and Decoration protecting etc. 

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