S S 316 Welded Wire Mesh
S S 316 Welded Wire Mesh
S S 316 Welded Wire Mesh
S S 316 Welded Wire Mesh
S S 316 Welded Wire Mesh
S S 316 Welded Wire Mesh
S S 316 Welded Wire Mesh
S S 316 Welded Wire Mesh

S S 316 Welded Wire Mesh

316 stainless steel welded wire mesh is manufactured by a welding a series of horizontal and vertical 316 stainless steel wires into a Panel grid Mesh product with square openings.

Stainless steel 316 Welded Wire Mesh

S S 316 Welded Wire Mesh is made of high quality and low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire by automatic equipment to Welding and producting.Our stainless steel welding wire mesh is a square grid of uniformly placed wires,
welded at all intersections,which has strong welding, average square mesh holes, our raw material stainless steel wire meeting the requirements of ASTM A580M and other international standards.The Stainless steel welded mesh
sheet Having no cracks or pours to harbour dirt or bacteria, the smooth surface of stainless steel gives it excellent hygiene properties, so it is also often used in the food and catering industry, Ultrasonic cleaning mechanical
equipment,washing and cheaning industrial ,as well as the health services. The mechanical resistance of stainless steel makes it durable to scratching and other damage, providing it with it aesthetically attractive appearance, and
giving it low maintenance properties.

Common stainless Steel Wire Raw Materials include:

Stainless Steel Wire  316
Stainless Steel Wire  316L
Low carbon steel wire,

Commodity &Specifications

Products: welding wire mesh
Material: ASTM SS316 or ASTM SS304
Mesh: 1/4", Aperture: 6.0mm, wire diameter: 1.6mm.
          1/2", Aperture:12.7mm, wire diameter: 1.6mm
          1", Aperture: 25.4mm, wire diameter: 1.6mm.
Mesh roll width: 4FT
Mesh roll Length: 100FT
Normal Order Quantity: 50 rolls Each types


Compared with other wire meshes, stainless steel welded mesh has many good properties, such as strong structure, beautiful outlook, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and long service life, it is not easy to
 loosen even be cut into parts or exerted force on the parts. Products through sophisticated automation technology processing machinery is made of flat surface, solid structure, strong integrity, even if the cut or in part under
pressure not happen slack phenomenon.


S S 316 Welded Wire Mesh is widely used in 
industry equipment Machine protection
Detention & Security
Racks & basket
Test sieve cloth
Ultrasonic cleaning mechanical equipment
washing and cheaning industrial ,
Medical utensils health services

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